What Size Cage Do Ferrets Need?

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Ferrets are one of the most commonly owned and one of the most friendly and social pets. They are not just a source of entertainment but are pets that can rejuvenate the mood. They are highly energetic and usually require a large amount of space. They’re happy with maximum interaction with objects and things around them. The best space to provide your little pet is the whole of your house. But is it possible to give your entire place to your little pet? What about the people who visit your space and what if you have to carry them around o another place? Is it possible to just carry them around without a place? No! There will be some time when a ferret will have to be restricted into a confined space or a cage.

So, what size cage do ferrets need? Is there a specific dimension or a material that is to be used? Certain specifications are to be noted while looking for a ferret cage.

Looking for a cage

What Size Cage Do Ferrets Need?

There are 3 basic things that one needs to look for while searching for a ferret cage. They are described as following:

  • Size of the cage: The size of the cage should be taken care of as a ferret needs a lot of space. It should not be suffocating for the little pet as well as it should not be extremely spacious. All the three dimensions height, width, and length should be as per the ferret and number of ferrets owned. A single ferret may not require much space as much as a pair.
  • Enclosure: The enclosure of the cage should be safe enough and also breathable enough for the ferret. The bars should not be too far to let the ferret out, or that can stick them in it. It should also be not very close that can make it a dark cage and create a dull atmosphere for the ferret. Ferrets are living creatures and do not like it. Looking for a ferret cage can be difficult, but the best of all choices can be found in the link Beginner Pets. Toys and accessories: Toys and accessories are the most important part of a ferret’s life. Small toys, balls, etc. are the ferret’s best friends if not around another ferret or a human. Ferret are interactive creatures and love to have things around them. They would not mind placing a wheel or a slide in their cage.\

Size of the cage

What Size Cage Do Ferrets Need?

The size of the cage is one of the most essential features to be looked into. The size and material specifications include the following details:

  • The room of the cage should be comfortable enough for the ferret to settle in and roam around.  What size cage do ferrets need? Talking about specifications, the standard sides of the cage 36 inches wide, 24 inches long and 24 inches in height.
  • The material of the cage must not include any kind of painting or lead or zinc coating. This can lead to damage as it is toxic to the ferrets.
  • If planning for multiple ferrets, the size specifications go as follows: 42 inches wide, 30 inches long and 30 inches in height.
  • A cage with two or three stories can further help in elevating the level of mobility. One must make sure that the standards are connected using ramps, and the ramps are properly protected from the sides.
  • The size of the cage should be enough not just for the ferrets to play and move around but also should be enough to place their toys and water and food bowl into the cage. The basic needs should fit into the cage without any congestion inside.

The enclosure of the cage

  • Enclosure i.e. the bars of the cage must be less than 1 inch apart. Ferrets are highly energetic creatures and are at risk of moving out of the cage; therefore, to ensure their safe space should be less than 1 inch.
  • As per what size cage do ferrets need the latch and lock of the cage also varies. It should be chosen in a way that the ferrets do not escape. Ferrets are highly intelligent creatures and are capable of opening the gates if only latched.
  • Ferrets have very delicate feet therefore the lower enclosure of the cage should be a smooth solid or carpet-like. If used a mesh-like structure, the feet of the ferrets can get trapped causing pain and discomfort.

Toys and accessories

What Size Cage Do Ferrets Need?

  • The first most needed accessory is a heavy bowl for placing food. The bowl should be big and heavy. Heavy and big bowls are difficult to move and therefore are safe inside the cage of the ferret.
  • Either placing two water bottles or using a big bowl of water can help maintain a healthy water level in the body of ferrets. Ferrets also love to play along with water just to soothe their body or just as fun.
  • Toys that your ferrets love can be placed in the cage of the ferret. Avoid placing balls as space can be a bit less but using other toys is a good option.
  • A litter pan can be placed in one end of the cage so that the ferret knows where to use. Apart from it cleaning the pan can also ensure a safe and good environment.

Although the best of all choices can be found in the link Beginner Pets, there are still several improvisations that can be made to make a ferret comfortable. With online cages that can be brought, the best of all choice is to choose a cage by going to a pet shop and choosing one. The one that best fits as per your choice. Choosing a cage can be a difficult task therefore a person must have a thorough knowledge of what a ferret cage should be like. It is very easy to buy a ferret cage but the main important thing is to transform the cage into a comfortable home for your little friend.